Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Quick Bite: A Touch of Gold at Kelley's Kickin' Chicken in West Memphis.

A quick snack makes for delectable dining, and in this case a pile of chicken wings got me excited enough to lick not only my fingers but the box for a pile of Honey Gold chicken wings.

Kelley's didn't come recommended to me. I was tooling around the main drag in West Memphis and felt the extraordinary need for chicken wings upon seeing the sign on the side of the road. 

Kelley's is a drive-thru restaurant with a small sitting area inside. I can't tell you about that, because I was on the road and I needed to get. What I can tell you is that the menu board in the drive-thru is packed tight with all things chicken-y, along with Philly cheese steak sandwiches, fried appetizers and such.

I wanted chcken wings. When I pulled up, I asked about a few items, but when I was told about a particular sweet honey barbecue sauce, I knew that was the way to go. I ordered the Honey Gold wings, a 10-piece order.

Now, the sign did say a 10 piece order came with dressing and vegetables. I was directed to drive around the building and get back in line for my wings. I sat for about 12 minutes while I fiddled on my phone. The wings were offered out the window. I took my box and went.

A few miles down the road, I pulled into a parking lot and opened my box. There were no vegetables and there was no sauce. What there was, was 11 pieces of sauce-soaked chicken - six drummies and five whole wings. I'd expected "flats," the middle section of the wing, but these came with the tips, too.

I was just going to eat one. Just one. I had somewhere to be and I didn't want to show up covered in sauce. But honestly... wow. These wing and drummies had this perfect, crisp texture to them, that the sauce amplified beautifully. The sauce had a slight hint of mustard, wasn't too sweet, and fit these pieces perfectly. 

Yes, I ended up gnawing every one down to the bone.

Find them at Kelley's Kickin' Chicken, at 1397 North Missouri Street in West Memphis. You can call ahead at (870) 400-0013. There's more informatin on this Facebook page.

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