Sunday, November 22, 2015

105 Things You'll Find Inside Dick's 5 and 10 in Branson.

For more than 50 years, Dick's 5 and 10 has taken up a space on Main Street in downtown Branson.  Dick Hartley's decision to offer more than the traditional general store was the start of a process that would pack his business with every dry good, souvenir and oddity available and create a must-stop for tourists of all ages.

Grav Weldon and I went in on a Thursday evening in November to see just how many unusual items we could find amongst those aisles.  We excluded, for the most part, items you'll find elsewhere.  There were still many, many, MANY different items to share. Here's a vast selection.

Tiny graters.

Model trains.
Foil wrapped gold coins.

Goof-Off remover.

Grow your own boyfriend!

Hairnets in paper packages.

Instant fine cans for farting.

Wings for shoes.

Wonder Woman has had enough of your attitude.

Wooden spoons.


Policeman crosses.

Disturbing ketchup and mustard bottles.

Tiny measuring spoons.

Whatever the heck this spring and ring thing is.

Wiener signs.
Scary lunchboxes.

The upper half of a male figurine playing a clarinet.

An apron that makes you look like a roasted turkey.


Walnut-shaped walnut crackers.
This sign.

A pink painted pony.

Spices galore.

A fine selection of taffy.

This poor Christmas light painted horse named "Tangled,"

Toilet-shaped doggie watering dish.
Pirate gear.

Little plastic alligators.
Sewing notions.


All sorts of sodas.

A soldier's cross.
Star Wars merchandise.


Redneck windchimes.

Rolling pin rubber bands.

Salt shakers.

Chiffon scarves.
Adventure Wipes.

Clubman Musk aftershave.

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder.


John Deere baby socks.

Pumpkin pie, bacon and corn sodas.

Let me point that out again... BACON soda.

Bacon things.

Lots of board games you didn't know existed.

Sweaters for bottles.

Branson magnets.

Bread boxes and canisters.

Gum balls.

Bucket of bacon.

Bucket of Moustaches.

Bullet shaped bottle opener.

Ceramic rubber duckies.

Choward's lavender-scented gum.

College football themed garden gnomes.

Corn butterers.

Cucumber savers.

Hats for deer hunters.

Various flags and rearview mirror dice.

Dick's Deli sign.

Doctor Who spatulas.

Come To The Dork Side lunchbox, an exercise in learning how fonts work.

Duff Beer... er, energy drink. Boy, won't Homer be confused.


Egyptian Rat Screw.

Elvis ornaments.

Ceiling fan pulls.

Fish flavored candy.

Fish oven mitts.


Fluttershy Christmas lights.

The somewhat disturbing Fro Up Bowl.

Hair picks.


I Love Lucy memorablia.

Jars for canning and such.

A John Wayne cookie jar.

Leg lamp.

Heritage sodas.

Lemon press.

Miniature retro campers.

Loom Bands.


Martian Poop sodas.

You can now drink from the head of Matt Smith.

Come join the Meat Parade.

Even more windchimes.  No, seriously, they're everywhere.

Even more yarn.

My Little Pony ice cube trays and Christmas stockings.

Little half-naked babies.

Naked baby dolls with all the accoutrements.  Also pipe cleaners.

New Orleans jass masters figurines and arrowheads.

Old fashioned washing machines.

The Original Selfie.

Patriotic bear ornaments.

Percolator tops.

Old fashioned pop guns.

Presidential PEZ,

Raggedy Anns and Raggedy Andys.

Redneck shotglasses.

Feather boas.

And socks.

And that's not the half of it. Find even more crazy stuff at Dick's 5 and 10 in downtown Branson.  Check out the website and make your plans to visit soon.

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  1. Wow! You sure told the story well! Perhaps, you should of mentioned the crazy employees. I should know because I am one of them. Thanks for visiting us.


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