Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Apple Fried Pie at the Rison Country Store.

In the book Arkansas Pie: A Delicious Slice of the Natural State, we talk about the Delta custom of the fried pie by the cash register.  You can find them all over the state, wrapped in wax paper or cellophane and offered for sale for a buck or two to pick up and take with you.

The danger in this is when the pie needs heat.  A good pie is buttery and spice-packed enough where it doesn't matter.

That's the case at the Country Store in Rison, a gray-washed convenience and fuel center that offers wax paper wrapped fried pies in a cardboard box right next to the register.  The apple-cinnamon pie is our favorite; packed with soft-stewed cinnamon spiced apple and just the right amount of sugar, this pie takes it over the top with a decadent dusting of even more cinnamon and sugar.

Rison Country Store
1980 U.S. 63
Rison, AR 71665
(870) 357-8259

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