Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What goes in grits?

WITH GOUDA:  Cheese grits at B-Side
Ah, grits. That southern breakfast-time stapled beloved by many and cursed by Yankees divides diners left and right. I discovered during my breakfast research that you're actually more likely to to find hashbrowns than grits at most Arkansas restaurants — a big surprise to me, considering the reasonably cheap price of the staple.
Wintertime is undoubtably the best time for grits; like oatmeal, sugared rice and Cream-of-Wheat they have the power to warm the body and soul from the inside. But what to put in the corn mash to make it palatable and appetizing? Some go for sweet with sugar or a little honey, others for savory with bacon and cheese. I've had it with such simpleness as a little beef bologna and American cheese slices and dolled up with sundried tomatoes and such. I've even been served polenta on so many occasions. Still, I find it best with salted butter and a shake of pepper. How do you like your grits?

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