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Monday, December 8, 2014

64 Great Arkansas Food Gift Ideas.

Looking for great giftable foods in Arkansas? The Natural State has everything you can imagine for the holiday table or for the hard-to-please food lover in your life.

Here's a handy list of places in Arkansas that offer items to be shipped by mail to your friends, family and those you wish to impress.  Many of these items are also available for local pick-up, if you are so inclined or wish to make your own Arkansas holiday collection.  May these suggestions help you in your seasonal quest for the best gifts and dishes to share.

NOTE: This list only contains items that can be shipped.  There are many other locally produced items, and I highly encourage you to seek them out as well.

ALLY’S JELLY.  Straight out of Hope, homemade fig preserves, pear preserves, muscadine and Ally-peno (Jalapeno) jellies.  
ONLINE: Facebook and message or comment for sales.
PHONE:  (870) 826-3445

ARKANSAS BEEKEEPERS.  Want honey?  You'll find honey from several different Arkansas beekeepers, including Culp's Pride, K-Bee and Peace Bee Farms.  The website also shares places where you can pick up honey without ordering it online.
ONLINE: Arkansas Beekeepers Association Website
SHOP:  Green Corner Store

ARKANSAS FOODBANK NETWORK.  Give a gift that gives a whole lot.  Check out the Arkansas Foodbank Network’s many programs.  Every dollar you send can provide four meals.  You can also bankroll a food box.  
ONLINE: Arkansas Foodbank Network
PHONE: (501) 565-8121

ARKANSAS RICE DEPOT.  How about a gift that sends an Arkansas product to your loved ones while helping feed hungry families?  Check out the Simple Pleasures Gift Shop, which features dozens of different rice mixes and gifts for purchase.  Mixes include Presidential Parmesan, created from a recipe donated by President Bill Clinton; Arkansas Dirty Rice and Hillbilly Chili are personal favorites.
ONLINE: Simple Pleasures Gift Shop
SHOP IN PERSON at the Arkansas Rice Depot, 3801 West 65th Street in Little Rock
Read more about the Arkansas Rice Depot

ARKANSAW HOG SAUCE. Ray and Kathy Sisco's award-winning "Popa" sauce is now available online.  Give it a shot.
ONLINE: Arkansaw Hog Sauce

BEAR KINGDOM VINEYARD.  Muscadine, Scuppernong, Arkansas wines, cherry, pineapple, mango, & berry jellies & jams.  The Cherub’s Rapture is a must-try.  
PHONE (501) 888-1015  
SHOP:  13106 Arch Street (call first)
PICKUP:  Old Mill Bread Company, Arkansas Rice Depot, Shoppes on Woodlawn in the Heights.
BURGE’S:  The Lewisville/Little Rock restaurant is known for smoked turkeys delivered to your door. They also sell hams, ducks, and chickens .  If you’re in Little Rock  pick it up in the Heights.  
PHONE:  (501) 921-4292.  
STORE:  Burge’s in the Heights, 5620 R Street.
Read more about Burge's Smoked Turkeys

CAVENDER’S.  Found worldwide on tables in restaurants and in kitchens... made in Harrison. Peppery without being spicy, it brings a familiar and robust flavor to beef. ONLINE:  Cavender's Greek Seasoning
PHONE:  (870) 741-9566
PICKUP:  Almost any Arkansas grocery store.
Read more about Cavender's Greek Seasoning

COTHAM’S.  The famed Scott restaurant and mercantile sells its hamburger seasoning and fish fry mix online.  Check it out.
ONLINE: Cotham's online store
PHONE:  (501) 370-9177.  
PICKUP:  River Market Grocery, eggshell kitchen company.
Read more about Cotham's Mercantile

COURSEY'S.  Even now, there's still no website for Coursey's Smoked Meats in St. Joe -- but they will send you a smoked ham by mail.
Read about Coursey's here.

CROSS EYED PIG BBQ.  Six hours of hot smoke plus great meat selection equals a really good ham or turkey for your holiday dinner with no preparation necessary.  Ask about sidecars, and put your order in early.  
PHONE:  (501) 265-0000.  
STORE:  1701 Rebsamen Park Road in Little Rock.

DARLING'S FINER THINGS. This Delta clothier and style shop doesn't make food, but it does provide wearables for those who love food. 
ONLINE: Darling's Finer Things

DIAMOND BEAR.  The local brewery still produces great brews, including Paradise Porter, Presidential IPA, Pale Ale, Southern Blonde, Irish Red and Honey Weiss.  Can't mail the beer, but there's a lot of merchandise that can be shipped at the online store.
PHONE:  (501) 708-2739.  
STORE:  600 N. Broadway, North Little Rock.

DIANE’S GOURMET LUXURIES.  A grand selection of gourmet products, both from Arkansas and around the world, along with take-and-make meals and just-like-homemade desserts.  
ONLINE:  Diane's Gourmet Luxuries  
PHONE:  (501) 224-2639.  
STORE:  11121 North Rodney Parham (in the Market Street Shopping Center).

EGGSHELL KITCHEN COMPANY.  Want something Arkansas to send for the holidays?  Eggshell Kitchen Company is a one-stop shop.  Cookware, books, Arkansas products and more, all available online or in the store.
ONLINE:  Eggshell Kitchen Company  
PHONE:  (501) 664-6900.  
STORE:  5501 Kavanaugh in the Heights

FISCHER.  The family-run honey supplier has roots back to the 1930s.  Though it's a lot bigger than its original plant, the Fischer facility is still located in North Little Rock.
ONLINE:  Fischer Honey  
PHONE:  (501) 758-1123.  
STORE:  2001 North Poplar in North Little Rock.  
PICKUP:  Most Arkansas grocery stores.

FRESH BEANS. By-the-order roasted coffee beans from Eureka Springs.  Many local restaurants carry blends from Fresh Beans, and you can get it yourself. 
ONLINE: Fresh Beans

GIFTS OF ARKANSAS.  Exactly what it says on the tin -- sending baskets and packages of Arkansas products to anyone you wish.  Carrying everything from Ally's Jelly to Wiederkehr oils and vinegars. 

ONLINE:  Gifts of Arkansas

GOURMET EUREKA.  The cute little shop on Center Street in Eureka Springs offers all sorts of great items both in store and online.
ONLINE:  Gourmet Eureka
PHONE:  (888) 838-0838
STORE:  7 Center Street in Eureka Springs

GROWER'S GIFT SPAGHETTI SAUCE.  This locally produced spaghetti sauce made with Bradley County pink tomatoes from a Scott McGehee recipe has been jarred by the University of Arkansas's food science folks benefits the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.  Get your jars or gift basket by calling (501) 399-9999.  More information here.
 Read more about the program here

HAWK AND HORSE.  If you're in Fort Smith and you like coffee, you're in luck.  The folks at Hawk and Horse will not only roast your beans when they're ordered -- they'll deliver them to your door.  Outside the area, they do ship.
ONLINE: Hawk and Horse

HONEYSUCKLE LANE DAIRY.  Arkansas's only raw milk cheese producer is offering two gift boxes this year in coordination with RoZark Hills Roasterie -- and just ordering cheese is also welcome. Contact through Facebook or call for orders.
ONLINE: Honeysuckle Lane Dairy
PHONE: (501) 730-5075

HOUSE OF WEBSTER.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a jar, chances are you haven’t checked out this Northwest Arkansas favorite. Offering everything from jams and jellies to condiments and barbecue sauces, along with bacon and mixes, House of Webster's variety should satisfy your pantry needs. 
ONLINE:  House of Webster
PHONE:  (800) 369-4641.  
PICKUP:  War Eagle Mill, Pickles Gap Store, Ozark Country Market

J&M FOODS.  Best known for cheese straws, J&M also offers those amazing little addictive sugar-coated tea cookies in flavors such as lemon, raspberry and Key lime -- and larger, fatter chocolate chip cookie varieties.  They ship from right here in Little Rock.
PHONE: (800) 264-2278
SHOP:  Eggshell Kitchen Company, Savory Pantry

JUANITA’S CANDY KITCHEN.  Peanut, pecan or cashew, this Arkadelphia candy maker still packages up buckets of brittle every year.  A popular gift for out-of-towners.

ONLINE: Juanita's Candy Kitchen
PHONE:  (870) 246-8542  
PICKUP:  Diane’s Gourmet
SHOP:  47 Stephenwood Drive in Arkadelphia.

KENT WALKER CHEESE. Artisan cheese made right here in Little Rock in many varieties (Ophelia's my favorite) -- now available by mail order!
ONLINE: Kent Walker Cheese
ONLINE ORDERING: Kent Walker Cheese on Direct Eats

KOPPER KETTLE CANDIES. The longtime Van Buren mainstay also has a showroom in Fort Smith.  Best known for Ozarkies (vanilla cream centers covered in nuts and both milk and dark chocolate), Kopper Kettle makes everything from truffles to candy canes, and they do ship.  Right now the website appears to be down, but you can contact through the Facebook page.
ONLINE: Kopper Kettle Candies on Facebook
PHONE: (479) 474-6077

LAMBRECHT GOURMET.  If you haven't tried these marvelous chocolate-covered toffees, you are missing out.  David and Nancy Smith's award-winning artisan toffees are mouth-watering and addictive.  And they ship just about anywhere.
ONLINE.  Lambrecht Gourmet
PHONE:  (501) 362-7514

LIZ & LINDA’S.  Original (green from bell peppers), golden pecan and hot (red from red bell peppers and jalapenos) pepper jellies that are a traffic signal's worth of great jams for your condiment selections.  Really, really good -- and they're made in Harrison.
ONLINE: Liz and Linda's Pepper Jelly
PHONE: (636) 432-1440

MARKET AT CAPERS. This gourmet-to-go location alongside Caper's on Highway 10 in west Little Rock also offers gourmet oils, pestos, pastas and sauces.
ONLINE: Market at Capers

MARTIN GREER’S CANDIES.  The little candy shop between Rogers and Eureka Springs on Highway 62 makes amazing caramels and decent pecan pralines for shipping -- and only ships in the cool months.  The recipes date back to the 19th century, and are free from preservatives. Chocolate barks, chocolate-covered nuts and more.
ONLINE:  Martin Greer's Candies
PHONE:  (479) 656-1440 

MARYCLARE MACARONS.  These amazing little bite-sized meringue cookies were originally conjured for a wedding -- and now you can get them any time you wish from Hot Springs.  
ONLINE:  MaryClare Macarons
PHONE: (501) 620-0516
SHOP: Savory Pantry, Hillcrest Artisan Meats, Terry's Finer Food, Boulevard Bread Co.
Read more about MaryClare Macarons

MASON CREEK FARM. Fine organic-raised pigs from Yorkshire and Tamworth stock that root for hickory nuts, acorns, roots and shoots on a Fayetteville area farm.  Order brats, cheeks, chops and more online.
ONLINE:  Mason Creek Farm
PHONE:  (479) 422-6000

McCLARD’S.  The slightly thin and graciously spicy sauce is available for purchase by the bottle at the famed Hot Springs barbecue shop's online store.
ONLINE:  McClard's  
PHONE:  (866) 622-5273.  
STORE:  505 Albert Pike in Hot Springs.
PICKUP:  Savory Pantry, Clinton Library Store.

MONK SAUCE.  Father Richard Walz brought back Habanero pepper seeds from his tenure in Belize, and planted them at the monastery at Subiaco.  In 2003, Monk Sauce hit the market.  This incredibly hot sauce is for the heat lover in your life.  Pick up some Abby Brittle while you're at it.
ONLINE:  Country Monks
PHONE:  (479) 934-1001

MOTLEY'S FUDGE KITCHEN.  You may know Motley Farms for Christmas trees, but there's also a great number of fudges to choose from as well.

ONLINE: Motley's Fudge Kitchen

MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER.  The regular and sparkling varieties have been around for generations; new flavors such as lime and blueberry-pomegranate are just as good.
ONLINE: Mountain Valley Spring
PHONE:  (501) 442-8221.  PICKUP:  Mountain Valley Spring Water Visitors Center, Gifts of Arkansas.

MY BROTHER'S SALSA.  Send a gift of chips and dip from this Rogers area salsa maker.  Salsas come in such flavors as Black Bean and Corn, Cranberry Orange, Tomatillo and Fire Roasted.

ONLINE:  My Brother's Salsa

NEIGHBOR'S MILL BAKERY.  Harrison's best-known bakery is a great place for a bite to eat, but did you know they also ship their cakes and breads?  You can also get a bread-of-the-month order placed to keep your gift on giving throughout the year.
ONLINE:  Neighbor's Mill
PHONE:  (870) 741-6455

OZARK COUNTRY MARKET, This neat little shop on the south side of Heber Springs offers every manner of jam and jelly, pantry staple, freeze-dried vegetable, fudge, pickles and cheese you can imagine in one little country store.  They also offer many of those items online and will send along gift baskets, too.
ONLINE: Ozark Country Market
PHONE: (501) 206-0127
SHOP:  999 Heber Springs Road South, Heber Springs, AR 72543

PANCAKE SHOP.  The 70+ year old Hot Springs mainstay also offers its famed ham, sausage, apple butter and coffee for sale.
ONLINE: The Pancake Shop

PATTICAKES.  Known for making the breads and cakes for Stoby's, Patticakes also does gourmet-to-go and fudge.  The fudge is mailable -- and laudable.

ONLINE:  PattiCakes Bakery

PETIT JEAN MEATS.  The Arkansas standard, you can find bacon and hot dogs most anywhere.  Order and send a gift box of ham, bacon, or sausage just about anywhere. 
ONLINE:  Petit Jean Meats
PHONE:  (800) 264-2475
PICKUP:  Kroger's

POST FAMILIE VINEYARDS.  While you can’t ship wine online, you can pick up great juices and jellies from the family website.  Head to the store in Altus for more, including wine and wine gifts. 
ONLINE:  Post Familie
PHONE:  (800) 275-8423.  
STORE:  1700 St. Mary’s Road in Altus. 
PICKUP:  Wines and juices available at Arkansas grocery stores

RAILWAY WINERY.  The new Eureka Springs winery is back in business in a new location.  Many wines available.
ONLINE: Railway Winery

RATCHFORD FARMS.  Elk and buffalo, mailed to you frozen in roasts, steaks, sausages or ground meat.  Also, heritage beef.
ONLINE:  Ratchford Farms
PHONE:  (870) 448-5179
PICKUP:  Jerky available all over the state.

RICELAND FOODS.  Rice, rice mixes, rice bran oil, rice gift sets -- go check out the brand new Riceland store online for all sorts of great products to share Arkansas with everyone else.

ONLINE: Riceland Foods

ROBBI’S SALSA.  This salsa out of North Little Rock has that right balance of spices, tomatoes, and peppers without a whole lot of heat.  
ONLINE:  At Eggshells Kitchen Company and Robbi's Salsa on Facebook.
PHONE:  (501) 758-9616
PICKUP:  Eggshell Kitchen Company, Clinton Library Store. 

ROCKTOWN DISTILLERY.  Arkansas's premier distilling facility -- go take a tour and experience some Arkansas Lightning.

ONLINE: Rocktown Distillery

ROZARK HILLS.  A family roaster that also roasts to order and can be picked up at several places around Little Rock.  The Southern Supper blend is great with desserts.
ONLINE:  Rozark Hills
PHONE:  (501) 556-5808.  

SAVORY PANTRY.  The gourmet shop that started by selling Pancake Shop products now features all sorts of items from around Arkansas and around the world.  Best place to pick up products by Arkansas Pantry, Richard’s Honey, Fresca & Bella pasta sauce and more.  Stop by and check out all the daily samples of dips, preserves, and assembled recipes.  
ONLINE:  Savory Pantry
PHONE:  (877) 426-4887
STORE:  214 Central Avenue in Hot Springs.

STONEBROOK FUDGE FACTORY.  Fudge, taffy and dozens of other sweets, all from the heart of Mountain View. The fudges are magnificent.
ONLINE:  Stonebrook Fudge Factory
RECOMMENDATION:  Divinity Pecan fudge

STUBBY'S BBQ SAUCE.  The famed Central Avenue barbecue shop open since 1952 in Hot Springs offers its sauce for shipping just about anywhere.
ONLINE:  Stubby's BBQ Sauce
PHONE:  (800) 36-SAUCE
SHOP:  3024 Central Avenue in Hot Springs

SUZANNE’S FRUIT FARM.  Peach butter, Doubleberry spread, blackberry syrup -- there are a lot of great fruits found in jars from these folks, who grow their own in Hampton.  Order an Arkansas-made basket in the shape of a Razorback or the state itself, packed with jars and bottles of great fruit delights.
ONLINE: Suzanne's Fruit Farm
PHONE:  (870) 798-4975
STORE:  Four miles northeast of Hampton on Highway 274

SWALTY KERNEL.  Kettlecorn, anyone?  This Fayetteville corn popper has hit upon what might be the best ratio of sweet to salty you can find in this fluffy treat. 

ONLINE:  Swalty Kernel

SWEET'S FUDGE KITCHEN.  Turtles, nut clusters, truffles and fudge all come from this Spring Street store in Eureka Springs.  Open since 1969, Sweet's now has an online presence where you can order your favorites.

ONLINE:  Sweet's Fudge Kitchen
PHONE:  (479) 253-5810

TOWNSEND SPICE AND SUPPLY.  Want to make your own sausage?  Need a certain spice for your rub?  This is the place to get it.  Operating in Melbourne, this spot carries everything from cures to casings, and it's all available online.
ONLINE.  Townsend Spice and Supply
PHONE: (870) 368-3688

TREATSIE.  The new Little Rock sweets-to-you company collects sweet things from all over the place (including Lambrecht Gourmet toffee) and sends out the same.  Monthly subscriptions are available.
ONLINE: Treatsie

TWO DUMB DAMES.  Fresh cream fudges are headliners at this popular shop on South Main Street in Eureka Springs, along with homemade S’mores, turtles, and English Toffee. 
ONLINE: Two Dumb Dames Fudge Factory
PHONE:  (800) 237-7268
STORE:  33 South Main in Eureka Springs

WAR EAGLE MILL.  All organic grains ground onsite and available to you at reasonable prices.  Really good deals on packages and baskets for those on your gift list.  
ONLINE:  War Eagle Mill
PHONE:  (479) 789-5343.  
STORE:   On Arkansas 303 north from Highway 412 between Springdale and Huntsville.  
PICKUP:  River Market Grocery, Eggshell Kitchen Company.
RECOMMENDED:  Harold Ensley Fish Fry Mix
WESTROCK COFFEE ROASTERS. This North Little Rock-based company works directly with its growers in Rwanda and Tanzania to bring beans here to roast.  Varieties are available in different grocery stores, but there's also a robust online store with gift sets and more.
ONLINE: Westrock Coffee Roasters

WICKED MIX.  Salty, spicy, sometimes even chocolate-y, this Little Rock-produced snack mix is an easy win to stuff anyone's stocking.
ONLINE: Wicked Mix or at Eggshell Kitchen Company

WOODY’S.  The Waldenburg-originated spice adds truly Arkansas flavors to ribs, roasts and pork butts; the makers will also tell you to put it on meatloaf, chicken, and anything else that can be thrown on a grill.  
ONLINE: Woody's
PHONE:  (870) 579-2251
PICKUP:  Terry’s Finer Foods, Gifts of Arkansas

WOOHOO MIX.  Sesame sticks, roasted nuts, pretzel sticks, a great sweet and salty mix with or without chocolate.  This one's a real winner.
ONLINE:  A List of places that sell WooHoo Mix 

Sixty-four items not enough? Here are some more!

Airship Coffee

Cocoa Rouge in Bryant

DEBBIE'S GOURMET ENGLISH TOFFEE.  Pure cane sugar toffee enrobed in chocolate, in Fayetteville.
ONLINE: Head to Facebook.
PHONE: (479) 713-0827

Fresh Harvest in Eureka Springs

Izard Chocolate

R & G CANDIES.  Down in Star City, R and G's candies is making marvelous confections and brittle -- including coconut pecan brittle.
ONLINE:  R & G's Candies
PHONE: (870) 370-5440
PICKUP:  315 W. Joslyn Avenue in Star City

Richard's Apiaries does honey, too, right out of Benton.  
ONLINE:  Richard's Apiaries
PICK UP: Stratton's Market, Green Corner Store

Want to pick up your stuff instead of doing mail order?  Check out these additional businesses:
Brown Sugar Bakeshop
Stone Mill Bread and Flour Co.

And, a humble plug... I have books about food in Arkansas that might also make a great gift.


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  3. Love this helpful list. I really appreciate you pulling all of the info together.

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  5. So many wonderful food gifts from Arkansas. Makes this food nerd proud of her home state!

  6. Very interesting and I learned something new today about a product made in Arkansas. Great gift ideas, also. Thank you!

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