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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holidays Alight at Night in Arkansas.

This time of year, The Natural State is illuminated with fantastic shows of light from one corner to another. Want to see my favorites? Check this out.

I love the Arkansas Trail of Holiday Lights. Each and every year, communities around the state participate in gigantic light displays that are enjoyed by thousands. As the parent of a girl still in her single digits, I find a great deal of joy not in the spectacle, but her expressions taking in all the wonder.

Right off the bat, I have to encourage you to get to Hot Springs and explore Garvan Woodland Gardens, which celebrates the season with weeks of shining bright lights throughout its magnificent gardens. Take a tour, here.

This year, we're especially looking forward to heading to Bentonville - which really goes way out to deck every tree and building in its downtown square with lights. Hunter hasn't been to see this gorgeous display yet, but reports say this year's the best it's ever been, so yeah, we're going!

On our way back, we're going to take her to Fayetteville, which does a similarly amazing job of decking its downtown. I'm hoping we'll get a room at the Chancellor overlooking the Square for some phenomenal views.

Pine Bluff's Enchanted Land of Lights and Legends is also a popular run for us. I suspect the 1.3 miles of lights, which includes 240 displays, could be the longest lighted drive for the holidays in the state. This event is in its 20th year!

My friend Melinda has also talked me into heading to Searcy, where you won't just find light displays downtown but also at Harding University. The "dripping" trees are a sight to behold.

There are all sorts of great displays throughout the state. Plan your visit by heading here.

Some individuals take it upon themselves to create amazing light displays... like the Hodo family in Van Buren, who have more than 100,000 lights up. They've been sharing their holiday spirit in this manner for the past 22 years.

Or the Stewarts in Fayetteville - who have 370,000 lights and more than 200 inflatables in their yard. Talk about an illuminating family tradition.

Amanda Moore shared this with me - an image of a home on Prospect Avenue in Hot Springs. There are a a lot of private homeowners in the area who participate in decorating with lights there.

Here in Central Arkansas, a teenager has put together his own light display to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundartion.

Do you know of any great light displays around Arkansas? Share them in the comments!


  1. You must check out Batesville's light display! They have several of the dripping trees and 2 different tunnels of lights and an abundance of other lights. It is located as soon as you come into the town of Batesville on 67. In the park by the river in front of Josie's Restaurant.

  2. Finnys Christmas Wonderland outside of croseett was featured on ABC and won a contest. Look at their Facebook page

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