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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chocolate Dream Pie at Paula Lynn's in Bryant.

This restaurant has moved.

The Jones family in Bryant is famous for barbecue... and now they're well known for something else. Paula Lynn's Really Homemade Sandwich and Sweet shop serves up sandwiches, cookies... and marvelous pies.

As hard as it may be to skip Doozies (homemade sandwich cookies), deluxe dogs and killer cakes, you must -- because the restaurant serves up one of the few possum-type pies in the state that isn't really playing possum.

What it is, is a fantastic chocolate mousse on top of a cloud of delightfully light cream cheese in a double-layered blind-baked flour crust. What makes it different from a possum pie is the fact that there's no whipped cream on top to obscure the chocolate -- or pecans in the pie. Still, so good.

Paula Lynn’s Reall y Homemade Sandwic h & Sweet Shop
304 North Reynolds Road
Bryant, AR 72022
(501) 847-2066

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