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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The 2012 Arkansas State Fair Food Preview.

As I always do, I've checked out the food you'll find at the Arkansas State Fair. Rather than rehash everything you already know at the fair, I'll direct you thusly to last year's compendium of absolutely just about everything you could find -- and introduce some new stuff right here, too.
The weird new food at the fair this year:  BACON LEMONADE.  I kid you not. 
Because it has actual bacon rendering in it, I cannot try it myself, but I am
told it doesn’t taste too far off from regular lemonade.  Coastal Concessions,
which is offering it this year, also has Peach and Raspberry versions, which
aren’t nearly as offensive and are actually quite good.

The tastiest of the new fair foods:  DO-RE-OHs.  These are
deep fried cookie dough wrapped Oreo cookies, and if you
get them when they are just out of the fryer, they are
phenomenal – 10 times better than a Chocolate Lava Cake. 
However, once they cool they’re kinda mushy and the charm
is lost.  The Fried What! Folks are selling these.
The folks that brought you Cheeseburger on a Stick are
branching out this year with Alligator on a Stick.  Yes, it’s been
offered at other fairs, but now it’s at the Arkansas State Fair. 
Tastes like chicken.
The Red River Catering Company is offering a tasty twist on
a classic:  Barbecue Nachos.  This is a pile of tortilla chips
topped with cheese, covered in your choice of shredded beef
or pork and drizzled with barbecue sauce.

Beef brisket sandwiches have been here before, but they're always yummy.

And yes, there is still Chocolate Bacon, first introduced at the Arkansas State Fair in 2009.
The Fried What! People are also offering Deep Fried Brownies. 
Served up with a hefty scoop of ice cream and whipped cream,
this is only a sharing dessert – total consumption by a single
individual might result in a sugar-related emergency.

Fried What! is also serving up Deep Fried Green Tomatoes.

Here's another shot of the Do-Re-Ohs, since I know some news folks might want a different image.  As always, yes, you can use my imagery... with attribution, of course.

This should have been a no-brainer... it's a funnel cake on a stick.  Of course.

Red River Catering is offering this meal-on-a-stick, a Chicken and Potato kebab, complete with bun.

Kathy's Kabana brings back a childhood favorite -- chocolate dipped bananas.

Colonial Nut Roll has your sweet tooth in mind with Black Walnut Salt Water Taffy.

Red River Catering will serve up a perfectly normal Fried Catfish plate if you ask nicely (and pay a little).

I personally find this a bit disturbing on a cholesterol level -- gravy covered deep fried steak bites.
Kathy's Kabana is selling steak and chicken quesadillas -- not unusual, but tasty.

You can also buy an oversized nacho plate at the Big Show Diner.

And finally:  The Walking Taco in all its glory, from Kathy's Kabana.


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  2. My son's birthday is coming up and our caterer already gave us a list of food they're going to serve on the occasion, but these finger foods and dessert seems like a great addition to our menu. I'll probably give them a call to request it.

  3. The barbecue nachos and beef brisket sandwich doesn't look too appetizing here in the picture, but I will take your word for it that they are a yummy treat. And yeah, those steak bites are very alarming, for sure it's gonna be cholesterol overload!


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