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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sustaining: Canon Grill.

BIG TUNA:  Albacore steaks at Canon Grill
The recent tornado left us without power or gas, which meant we were sent scurrying out to find sustenance any way we can. I figured this was just as good as anytime to check out some restaurants I hadn’t visited before.
The hubster and I ended up at Canon Grill on Kavanaugh on a Monday afternoon, weary and tired from too little sleep. We needed something filling and sustaining to make it through yet another day of cleanup. I’m happy to say our lunches did just that.
Our waitress Daina set us up with tea and gave us plenty of time to decide, checking back on us two newbs perusing the menu for the first time. I was a-feared that Paul would have issue, since he had specifically said he was not interested in Mexican fare for lunch and most of the entrees at Canon Grill are Mexican-esque at the least. Never to fear — he found a nice tuna steak dinner to order up.
It came with a salad, and Daina rattled off the dressing options: “We have Parmesan Peppercorn, which is really good. We have Ranch, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette, oil and vinegar and a really disgusting fat free Ranch.” When we raised our eyebrows over the comment, she continued “it tastes like molten plastic.” I can appreciate that sort of honesty.
Paul ordered his salad with the Parmesan Peppercorn dressing, which was nice and lightly spicy and very cheesy. The salad was more than ample in size; lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, green bell peppers and a healthy dose of Mozzarella cheese. It was served up with a big basket of Club crackers. I kinda wished I’d gotten a lunch salad.
The salad came along with his Albacore Tuna Steak ($12.59). The tuna was actually two half-to-three-quarters-inch sections of fish, grilled lightly with lime and served up with rice and a zucchini-heavy blend of fresh grilled vegetables. The tuna was a little over-cooked for our tastes, but was still quite palatable and tasty. The rice was a nice Mexican style rice. The veggies had strips and slices of zucchini and little hunks of mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.
I’d gone for more Mexican fare with the Grande Burritos ($8.99 for one steak and one chicken, $8.49 for two ground beef and $7.99 for bean) and was not disappointed. I wanted cheese dip but wasn’t in the mood for tortilla chips, and this dish roundly satisfied. Served up with the same rice as Paul’s tuna plate, it was accompanied by nicely spiced refried pinto beans.  The grilled chicken and grilled steak burritos were lovingly smothered in the house queso, a nice white low-spice cheese dip that worked with everything on the plate. Indeed, I kept mopping it up with every forkful. The chicken was a bit light on spice but the steak fajita strips were perfectly seasoned, nice and peppery with a bit of onion flavoring.
I wish we’d had room for Noni’s Homemade Chocolate Bundt Cake ($5.49), advertised as “homemade chocolate Bundt cake topped with homemade hot fudge served with Yarnell’s vanilla ice cream.,” but we were sitting just perfect and didn’t want to rock our gastronomic boat. Next time, perhaps.
Canon Grill is right in front of the Hillcrest Kroger on Kavanaugh. It’s open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. most days, until 9 p.m. on Sundays. Looks like a decent place to experience a Happy Hour. (501) 664-2068.

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