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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Candy lovers should love Sweet!

SWEET AND COLORFUL:  Suckers at Sweet!
Let’s hear it for candy stores. I was thinking about this the other day, and it seems we don’t have a whole lot of them any more — at least locally owned and operated ones where there’s locally made stuff. In fact, since Cocoa Belle went online only I’ve missed out on my truffle fix. I have to go to Kopper Kettle or Martin Greer’s or Pickles Gap when I’m on the road to get a little chocolate.
So hearing about a brand new candy store over in Sherwood was great news for me. And I tell you what, I can’t wait until Sweet! is really going strong.
I dropped by the other morning, their very first morning, just to get a vibe on the place. It’s right next to Scrumdiliumptuous… which is tempting enough. Candy and ice cream all in one location? Oh, man.
Turns out the inspectors had just finished doing their thing that morning, so when I walked in I was just the third customer. The case where truffles will dance was empty, alas, but that was just because the Anthonys were just getting started on chocolate making and such.
What they did have ready were brownies — walnut and non-walnut — big inch-and-a-half thick bars of goodness individually wrapped, four inch brownies for $3. Yeah, you know I took one home with me.
The whole place smells sweet, and it should. There’s candy everywhere. There are shelves containing those great round candy jars with everything in them — specialty chocolates, maple walnut chews, every type of imaginable candy bar, Jelly Belly chocolate dipped things, classic candies, hard candies, gummy candies. There was a huge display of those colorful and bright suckers you think of when you think of suckers with the big swirl and all those colors.
And there were the adult suckers, too — Sambuca, Amaretto, Champagne, Lemon Vodka, Rum Punch. Those were tempting.
There will be much more. The Anthonys were telling me they would be doing fudge and truffles and white chocolate coated popcorn and whatever else they come up with. I could get into so much trouble.
I’ll be back in a few weeks to see how they’re doing. Want to check up on them yourself? Sweet! Is located at 8000 Highway 107 in Sherwood, Suite 8. They’ll be open noon until seven every day except Monday. Yeah, you should go. Tell me what you think.

Oh, and hopefully Tim will be wearing his Willy Wonka outfit. He’s a dead ringer. Check that out, too.

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