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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All in a heart-shaped box: chocolate from Martin Greer's.

BIG BOX:  Heart fulla chocolate
The box you see right there contains seven pounds of chocolates. Seven pounds. It costs $175 dollars and can be delivered. Got you thinking about Valentine’s Day now?
Found that at Martin Greer’s Candies in Gateway. It’s impressive. The good doctor (you did know Martin Greer has a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Arkansas) tells a tale of an 18 year old boy who came into his store a few years ago and saw the large heart fulla chocolate. Says the boy kept making comments about it while Greer was pointing out different items to him. The boy apparently spoke up and told him “why are you trying to talk me out of this?” That was one lucky girl…
Of course, I am assuming he did gift that heart.

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