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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bodacious biscuits at Meacham's.

NOT ACTUAL SIZE:  Meachams biscuit is much bigger
  • NOT ACTUAL SIZE: Meacham's biscuit is much bigger
Our second entry in this third Breakfast in Arkansas week this year… is in Ash Flat. A reader over on Facebook recommended Meacham’s, and I found a chance to drop by a few weeks ago. Good thing they were serving breakfast late — it took a couple of hours to get there!
The interior of the restaurant is all wood — booths, chairs, walls, partitions, birdhouses. Yes, birdhouses. I wasn’t sure what the seating policy was when I walked in, but a woman in the back hollered to me that I could sit anywhere.
A menu was delivered into my hands, and I scanned quickly over it, my hunger just roaring at me. See, if you do breakfast reviews you tend to not eat before you go. I’d already been up three hours without so much as a glass of juice and I was ready for something good. I ordered the French toast and a couple of over well eggs and settled in with a cup of coffee.
As I usually do, I quietly watch what’s going on. There’s nothing more entertaining than people watching, at least to me. I paid particular attention to the odd birdhouses perched on the ledge. Seriously, they’re really neat.
I happened to catch motion from the corner of my eye and saw something that changed my own order. My waitress was delivering food to another table — and she had a biscuit. One biscuit. One humongous biscuit. When she passed back by I asked her:
“Is that a regular sized biscuit?”
“Yes ma’am!”
“Could I add one to my order?”
“You sure can hon.”
She went back to the kitchen and relayed my order. Because the booths are tall and the biscuit had been delivered to a booth two away from mine, I couldn’t get another view. I looked around at the other tables to see if anyone else had ordered one. No, not within my sight range.
Must have been another five minutes before my order came out. I was really starting to get ravenous now. My coffee had been topped off twice and syrup had been delivered to the table. The curiosity was killing me.
And then there it was. Or there they were — my waitress came to the table and dropped off two breakfast platters — one with four neat slices of French toast, one with my two eggs over hard and the biscuit. I had to stop and regard that biscuit a moment. Then I had to take photos.
The biscuit is a good four inches square and nearly two inches thick. It’s a monster. It’s brown and appears to be made from a whole wheat flour. It’s a massive slab of breakfast bread. And it answered the question of why a huge bowl of real butter and jam packets was sitting on the table when I got there. Inside, the extraordinarily soft biscuit flesh soaked up every bit of butter smeared onto its surface. It was tasty, too, just like any good biscuit.
My French toast was pretty good, too — Texas toast that seemed to have been dipped in batter when the order was placed, still a little squidgy but firm on the outside and custardy. Friendly. The eggs were cooked like I like them, over hard together, good for eating with a fork.
Did I get through it all? No. Heck, I couldn’t even get halfway through the biscuit. It is substantially huge. Did I break the bank? No. My French toast was $3.65 and came with the coffee. Two eggs ran me $1.15 and that humongous biscuit was $1.25. Even with a tip I was out of there for $8.
Thing is, I’ve passed by there several times while in the area, but I would never have known about the place had it not been for the readers who check this blog out. So yes, keep the recommendations coming. Thank you!
You can find Meacham’s in Ash Flat — take Highway 167 north to Ash Flat, then turn left on Highway 62/412 heading westbound. It’s just a long block down on the left. (870) 994-2101.

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