Kat writes for publications across the United States and Europe. Articles on this website are available for sale. Kat also writes on a variety of topics, which include but aren't limited to:

Arkansas history
Arkansas foodways
Arkansas pie
Fair food
Green travel
Eclectic travel
Bargain travel
Budget travel
Generational travel
Travel itineraries

Questions concerning these rates? Bid ready for assignment? Please contact the author, Kat Robinson, at kat@tiedyetravels.com.  Bids may be negotiable.

Tie Dye Travels, monthly or bi-monthly syndicated column
0-10,000 readers or unique visitors: $150 per use plus $25 per photo used
10-25,000 readers or unique visitors: $175 per use plus $25 per photo used
25-50,000 readers or unique visitors: $200 per use plus $30 per photo used
Over 50,000 readers: prices must be negotiated
*Rights remain with the author unless otherwise contracted
Weekly column available; please contact the author for details

Assignment work:
(All assignment work rates quoted here exclude travel and expenses.)
<300 words for $200
300-500 words for $275
1200 words for $350

Web size for $25 an image
Publication size $40 an image under 2 inches
Publication size $75 an image over 2 inches

OR hire Kat Robinson and Grav Weldon to cover the story together.  Flat rates negotiable per day.

Social media soak for an event or destination. Includes posts to Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter as either a live event or scheduled blitz.  All hits are hashtagged according to your needs.
10 Instagrams/Tumblr hits/Tweets (30 social media hits) = $200
25 Instagram/Tumblr hits/Tweets (75 social media hits) = $450
50 Instagram/Tumblr hits/Tweets (150 social media hits) = $800
100 Instagram/Tumblr hits/Tweets (300 social media hits) = $1250
Additional costs for travel and for articles created from social media work.  No charge for overdelivery.

Alabama Barbecue Tour (July 2015)
Spring Break on 71 (February-March 2016)
Big Booseum Bash (October 2015)
Pie Five Pizza opening (October 2015)
La Madeleine Little Rock opening (April 2015)
Little Rock Restaurant Month (August 2017)

Sponsored Posts
While this site does not accept posts written by others, a select number of sponsored posts are acceptable, as long as they are within the brand and spectrum of the Tie Dye Travels brand. For instance, a post concerning a hotel or destination would be considered, while a post for baby butt cream would not.

Sponsored posts begin at $250 per entry for up to 350 words. All expenses must be covered. Contact kat@tiedyetravels.com for more information.

A Month of Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter
Want to buy a month's worth of posts on Instagram? With Kat and Grav's organic real food and destination photography, you can share your story with this likeable tool. All posts also shared via Tumblr and Twitter.  Best of all - when the month is over, you have 31 social media images you can utilize again and again, copyright free. Prices start at $2000 plus travel expenses.

Check out coverage of Little Rock Restaurant Month 2017, sponsored by the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau covering area restaurants, on this Tumblr collection.

In-state travel: Same rate as assignment work plus expenses
Out-of-state travel: Same rate as assignment work plus expenses and $480 per day required for travel (minimum three days)

Restaurant reviews, in-state:
<500 words: $250 plus expenses
500-1000 words: $400 plus expenses
Photos: Same rate as assignment work
*All restaurant reviews remain available for appearance in Tie Dye Travels unless specifically contracted. Additional fees may apply.

Restaurant reviews, out-of-state: Same as in-state, plus $480 per day required for travel (distance dependant).

Longer articles, more detailed or extensive photography, and project work negotiated on a per-scale basis.

Non-commissioned articles (articles not already commissioned for a newspaper or magazine) for private use: usually runs same as assignment work. Taken on an as-possible basis (dependent on author’s schedule). Courtesy copy of articles contained within in-house publications requested.

Real Food Photography
Kat Robinson and Grav Weldon specialize in real, in situ food photography that focuses on regional delicacies and a sense of place. These photographs showcase the actual dishes your customer will encounter when they visit your eatery.
Shooting fee: $200 (waived with packages)
Per photo, web: (maximum 1000px/72dpi: $25
Per photo, publication (2000px/300dpi): $100
Web package (25 web sized images for internet and social media use): $500
Menu package (10 publication-sized images for use in your menu): $500
Contact for other options.

Voice work
With experience in both radio and television announcement, Kat's unique voice may be the answer to your announcement needs.
Local spots (:15, :30 o:1:00) -- $200
Regional spots (:15, :30 o:1:00) -- $450
National spots (:15, :30 o:1:00) -- $1000

Public appearances

Speaking:  One hour on topics (Arkansas foodways, Arkansas regional foodways, Arkansas restaurant history, stories from the road, stories from Arkansas Pie or Classic Eateries, evolution of journalism in blogging and social media, etc.) $450 for breakfast or lunch appearances, $700 for dinner appearances.  Speaking engagements outside of Pulaski County are also subject to lodging and accommodations expenses.

Book signings:  Negotiable, sometimes free, but please never make this author sit on a bench in a room full of irritated shoppers for 10+ hours. Please. Especially across from Santa - it's hard to compete with the heavy hitters.

Conventions:  $450 for 45 minutes to an hour as speaker.  $1500 keynote. Travel expenses, room and board additional.

Tours and Itineraries.  Want to create a great culinary tour of your town, and a hostess who understands the territory?  Holler at Kat.

Payment: Unless otherwise determined between author and publication, payment is determined at half up front, half on delivery.  Out-of-state travelogues and other articles requiring travel require that travel expenses be paid up-front unless a previous negotiation has been made. This policy remains in effect for all work until and unless other conditions have been negotiated.

Scheduling: Scheduling of deadlines must be complete when bids are submitted for work. Deadlines of unreasonable expectations (less than 48 hours, or less than 10 business days for out-of-state travel) will usually not be considered and require additional incentives for the author.

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